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Agreement Shop

Before buying, you automatically agree to the rules of our service.


1. The warranty for all sold accounts is available only at the time of purchase. In case of data loss, restoration by the rightful owner, blocking, refund / replacement of goods are not provided. (If you buy a product linked by mail, you first need to delete the number, link your own and set up mail for yourself. And only then change the password)

2. The sold account is non-refundable. This means that after making a purchase, you have no right to offer us to return the account back, exchange this account for another and other similar things related to the transfer of the sold account back to our ownership.

3. Refunds for sold accounts, in the event of their inoperability, for any possible reason, are made only if we are unable to issue a replacement and there is a video confirmation.

4. When buying a product in our store, you agree to record: the moment of making a purchase, the moment of transferring funds, the moment of downloading the goods, the moment of logging into your account (LOGIN ONLY ON THE OFFICIAL SITE WARFACE OR EMAIL) on the video, so that in case of problems with access to the account, we were able to quickly make a replacement. All actions performed by you must be clearly visible on the video. The date and time on your computer should also be clearly visible. Any editing of video recording is prohibited (trimming, combining with other videos, overlaying effects, pictures, music, etc.). The video recording is the only proof on your part that the data was invalid at the time of purchase.

5. Information about the presence of bookmakers on Warface accounts is not indicated. If you find an interest-free loan / account blocking for an overdue interest-free loan, you should have absolutely no claims to the administrator.

6. Swearing, disrespect, insult and other forms of impolite treatment towards the seller are punishable by adding the buyer to the Black List of the Store without proceedings, without the right of amnesty. Watch your speech!

7. The administration of the Wf-ares site is not responsible for what happens to the account after purchasing it. After purchasing any account, you and only you are responsible for it. We guarantee the performance of the account only at the time the buyer receives it.

8. Change of any data on the account is carried out by the buyer (we do not provide ways of changing data).

9. When recording video and in the future, WarFace accounts must be checked through the game client. Verification via wf.mail.ru is not allowed (because if mail requires you to enter a captcha, then this requirement is not visible on wf.mail.ru and the accounts are "invalid" upon entering).

10. If the description for the product says: "Account name + mail", it means that the account is sold together with the mail service mail.ru. If this information is not specified, then the account is intended only for entering the game and the game website.


- The administration of the site Wf-ares.ru reserves the right at any time and at its sole discretion to change the rules described above. Any amendments to the current agreement are effective immediately and apply to all subsequent purchases.

- If you do not agree with any of the points above, we kindly ask you not to buy the goods in this store, so that there are no conflicts between the Buyer and the Seller.

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